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Richard Conaway -  LifeSuccess Consultant

Experience the Power of the MasterMind!

A Unique and FREE Opportunity for Personal & Business Development!

A 10-Week Study Specifically for Business Leaders.

If you had the opportunity to study the thinking of one of the master thinkers alive today would you take it?

If that very same opportunity allowed you to share ideas, goals, challenges and develop potential profitable relationships with like-minded business leaders, would you take it?

During this dynamic, FREE 10-week study, you will learn how to apply to your life and business the foundational principles of Napoleon Hill’s number one selling book, “Think and Grow Rich.”

This ten-week, in depth study will afford you the opportunity to join forces and mastermind with a unique group of like-minded individuals who are focused on taking the results, in every area of their life, to a new level.

Together, you will learn how to achieve your goals through the practices and principles of desire, faith, autosuggestion, imagination, decision, persistence, the subconscious mind and the seven basic fears, as written by Napoleon Hill himself.

The results will astound you as you watch the lives and businesses of your MasterMind group improve from one week to the next.

Form your own group (8 to 12 people) or elect to participate in an open group.  An open group will be formed from individuals wishing to participate and once we have a group formed the group will then be closed to new people.

To take advantage of this free program you will need to form your group and then contact me to schedule our meetings. 

Richard Conaway


Where & When: These will be conference calls with set times for each group.  Day and time of day will the most convenient for the majority of  each group.  We have groups spanning the globe at this time and time zones will be taken into consideration.

We will use: Think and Grow Rich! The Original, Restored and Revised and only this copy so that when we refer to a page and paragraph we will all be at the same place. To order this from Amazon click here.

For those of you needing the correct copy of Think and Grow Rich for one of my Free MasterMind Groups you can get it from Amazon by clicking this Link:

You may be wondering why I am willing to commit 10 weeks of my time for free?  I am convinced that once you are exposed to this concept your will want to continue with one of my other services or programs. 

I am also convinced that the group will want to stay active as a MasterMind Group because no other group will provide the level of support we each need.







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