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Richard Conaway -  LifeSuccess Consultant


On Call Coaching means I will make myself available to you during the day and/or evening for situations where you feel you need someone to discuss things with. On Call Coaching is by phone only.

This item is a custom item and will be negotiated for the type and level of service expected. Pricing, of course, will vary, depending upon the needs and expectations of the client. Variables will include time of day, length of calls, days of the week, and other variables as decided upon between consultant and client.


Fees will include a retainer fee and a per call fee. For example a client may wish to retain my services for one month with calls to be daytime only (Monday - Friday), subject to coaches availability (I am busy and may have to call you back within a few minutes). In this example we might agree upon a retainer fee of $250 which includes a one hour to hour and one half initial session and time billed per call at $150 / hour with billing rounded to the next highest tenth of an hour or $25 wichever is higher, so a 10 minute call would be $25 and a 5 minute call would be $25 (minimum per call charge).


For access in the evening (after 7:00 pm Eastern) and on weekends the hourly rate is $250 per hour with a $25 minimum.


Richard Conaway


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