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Richard Conaway -  LifeSuccess Consultant



Weekly coaching will be either a one half hour or a one hour scheduled call or meeting to discuss the details of what you are working on. This call can include goal setting for the next week, covering results for the past week; or discussing what is working and not working. Weekly Coaching Sessions are normally 12 weeks.


Our focus on the calls will be based upon what you need to get out of each call. Our weekly coaching is specific to each clients needs and can be on any subject. For example, a client may need to focus on resume development and job search in the beginning and after finding a job they may want to shift to another goal.

These calls can be for personal or business needs. One client may need to work on improving interpersonal skills; another may want to focus on self confidence; another on becomming a better speaker. It is your needs, your growth, your improvement we focus on by helping you find what is right for you.


The regular fees for these session are:

12 weeks of half hour sessions - $850

12 weeks of 1 hour sessions - $1600


Richard Conaway


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